How to build fantastic stakeholder relations and grow your influence

Session held on 9th December

About this session:

A special two-hour training workshop for procurement with Odelle Bell

As procurement has grown and grown over the last decade or two, one issue has consistently arisen in every survey of issues facing the profession – stakeholder relations.

That is, the quality of the relations between procurement and their stakeholders. And the associated influencing skills deployed by procurement practitioners with both stakeholders and their suppliers.

This two-hour PASA CONNECT training workshop will look at how procurement can build stakeholder relations, improve our influencing skills and forge better teamwork with both our colleagues and suppliers.

Odelle Bell has a long history in business leadership, procurement recruitment and HR development and training work. Her interactive sessions are constantly rated “Top Session” at PASA events.

Your expert facilitator 

Odelle Bell is the founder and leader of 8 Consulting, based in Sydney.

At 8, they believe that ultimately all business problems are people problems – solve this riddle and business outcomes will only improve. 


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