HOW TO BUY LEGAL SERVCIES Working with Legal – Part 2 (VIRTUAL)

Session held on 16th February 2022

About this session

Buying and Managing Legal Services

This PASA CONNECT Round-table will explore issues a broad range of issues related to buying and managing legal services, including:

• Common challenges with managing the legal category

• Different strategies to manage the legal category

• How to get oversight and control of legal spend (and generate savings)

• How to get value from a legal panel once it is in place

• Matter-based RFPs – what they are and how to use them

• Fee estimates / Fixed fees / capped fees vs discounted hour rates

• Relationships and change management – working with legal

Expert Contributor

The discussion will be led by Warwick Walsh, CEO & Founder of Lawcadia, an Australian-based legal technology company that is focused on workflow automation, matter and spend management as well as legal procurement. Lawcadia works with leading corporate and government legal teams across APAC.

Lindy has worked in the legal industry for 20 years, as a lawyer in private practice and as a General Counsel, including 10 years of finding innovative solutions for in-house legal teams to transform. Lindy has worked across Australia, the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Asia.

Lindy specialises in developing strategies and processes that disrupt established models of legal spend and the engagement of external law firms, including her “Seven steps to a Successful Legal Panel Convergence”.

Lindy also focuses on delivering tangible outcomes and scalable solutions that improve the delivery of legal services in-house, helps legal departments drive revenue through re-engineered legal processes and build collaborative teams between legal departments and the business using a human-centered approach.


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