How to buy Professional Services 2.0

Round table session held on 16th September 2020

About this session

The procurement searchlight has swept across the legal services category, accounting support and now professional services. The sometimes staggering sums paid to consultants are now being unveiled.

One firm reporting $40m annual spend with consultants – almost $1m per week. Yet, as one senior official in Canberra is quoted as saying to a group of Permanent Secretaries, “Is there anyone in this room that thinks paying $8,000 a day is ever warranted?”

Real savings and cost avoidance are possible for buyers that can control spend lines and deal with consultancies, especially when market forces can be released.

One major Melbourne based corporate ran a tender with 26 firms bidding – fees ranging from $6,600 per day down to under $900.

Some fees collapsed under market pressure, others held. Their panel concluded with both.

But are day-rates even the right charging format nowadays? What options are there? And is rate the only issue for procurement to manage?

How do you control consultant spend, manage them on-site, when do they become de-facto employees and how do you compare them or measure them? 

Your expert facilitator 

Milan Panchmatia is CEO of Comprara, a leading specialist procurement consultancy specialisiing in procurement strategy, solutions, services & training 

Milan also brings a wealth of experience in buying and selling professional services as former Managing Partner at a large international procurement consultancy based in London.


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