How to buy professionally during inflationary times – A 90 minute PASA training seminar (VIRTUAL)

Session held on 17th May 2022

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About this session

Inflation is rising inexorably –it is currently
3.5%, and there are expectations that it will increase towards 5% in
Australia.  Inflation is already 7.5% in the US, a figure that doubles
relative cost within ten years. 

What can buyers actively do to manage price
increase requests? Should we invest time in chasing marginal cost saving
opportunities when all costs are rising in an inflationary economy? Most
contemporary buyers have only ever known a buyer’s market, let alone a market
in which costs and wages are spiralling upwards! 

This free ‘Buying During Inflationary Times’ teaser,
for the forthcoming training programme, explores the real and practical steps
procurement practitioners can take to mitigate inflationary pressures in the
supply base. 

You will learn about the available methods, tools
and capability needed to manage price increase requests from suppliers,
including the role of price variation formulae, price increase clauses in
contracts, buying buffer stock and other tactical responses.  

Delivered by an experienced procurement
practitioner, this short, practical and interactive workshop includes
presentations, checklists, small group discussions, quizzes and Q&A to open
up the discussion about what you can do proactively to manage inflation.

Your expert facilitator:

Paul Rogers FCIPS is one of this country’s most
experienced and renowned procurement consultants and is the newly appointed
negotiation and cost trainer for PASA in 2022. 


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Date Entered 18/05/2022