How to buy the WASTE category post-Covid (VIRTUAL)

Session held on 24th November 2021

About this session

Like many other unheralded spend categories, the saving potential in WASTE is driven by your waste strategy and its application process much more than beating down suppliers on price.

But the dynamics of the waste category are changing, and the pandemic has had effects that also need to be factored in – not least, how to manage declining volumes and, also, how to dispose of PPE and safety equipment safely!

This session will quickly guide buyers through the essentials of procuring modern waste services including typical questions like:

• Why the waste industry lacks transparency

• The likely lack of a national approach over regional options

• The differing commercial models available

• The challenge of compliance in waste

• Site management and the data issues it creates

• Factoring in Covid-Safe to waste management

• The role of waste in your environmental programme

Your expert facilitator

Mick Pearsall has had a 20 year career as a regional manager at SUPPLY CLUSTERS – a procurement service provider.

He has specialised in waste and its associated categories particularly and is a category expert buyer in the category on behalf of over 50 client members of supply clusters who aggregate their waste category needs.


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Type Presentations, Virtual Round-table Recording
Date Entered 25/11/2021