How to save money on fuel and avoid the impact of $2 per litre – the ins and outs of the fuel category (VIRTUAL)

Session held on 31st May 2022

About this session

With petrol prices spiking in 2022, and the likelihood of oil prices rising further, even small fleet operators are looking to save.

How does your fuel card stack up against other companies/competitors? Do the petrol APPs work? Is AMPOL regularly cheaper than SHELL or BP? What is the right solution for your company?

How can fuel cards save you money? Can they really help you enforce driver policy? Even reduce emissions?

Get the answers with real case studies drawn from Supply Clusters many users and real-time data from multiple large fleet users, including an up to date price comparison by major brands and understand how using the fuel card can help both policy and cost (hilst benchmarking where you are at with your fleet, however large or small).

Your expert Presenter

Mick Pearsall is the General Manager of Supply Clusters, the aggregated buying group that manages spend on behalf of over 450 member organisations. 

Supply Clusters can help determine the right fuel card solution for any business based on actual spend data. Find out if they are right in this session!


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Date Entered 01/06/2022