How to select the right sourcing strategy for your project

Round-table held on 24th September 2020

About the Round-table

A golfer can take 14 clubs onto the course to ensure that they have the most appropriate club for each shot. So why is it that many “strategic” sourcing projects involve:

  • RFP to three or more bidders
  • Shortlisting of a smaller number of bidders for post-offer negotiations
  • Single sourcing or a closed panel
  • Given the diversity of categories, the variety of market situations and the different business requirements of clients, it is hard to avoid the view that there is a single ‘default’ sourcing strategy.

This session will explore:

  • What other sourcing strategies are there?
  • How can we ‘match’ the sourcing strategy to the situation?
  • What tools or repeatable methodologies can help us select the right sourcing strategy ?

Our expert facilitator

Paul Rogers FCIPS is one of the most experienced procurement consultants in the country. One of his latest contributions is the bestselling book “Sales v Procurement” with Elliot Epstein. 


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Category Sourcing
Type Virtual Round-table Recording
Date Entered 24/09/2020