ICT Day – 5 September – Delivering value across the ICT procurement life cycle


This conference took place 5th September 2023.

Procurement plays a crucial role in delivering value throughout the ICT procurement lifecycle. Here’s how procurement contributes to value creation at various stages, this session will provide some tips and tricks in the following areas

Requirement Identification: By conducting thorough needs analysis, procurement ensures that the ICT solutions being procured align with the organisation’s strategic objectives and deliver tangible value.

Market Research and Supplier Selection:  By selecting the right suppliers, procurement ensures access to high-quality ICT products and services that meet the organization’s needs at competitive prices.

Contract Negotiation: Effective negotiations help secure cost savings, favorable contract terms, and risk mitigation measures, ultimately driving value for the organisation.

Cost Optimisation: achieve cost optimisation throughout the ICT procurement lifecycle.

Contract and Vendor Relationship Management:  Effective supplier relationship management leads to better service levels, access to emerging technologies, and knowledge sharing, resulting in enhanced value delivery throughout the ICT procurement lifecycle.

Peter MacFarlane


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Date Entered 05/09/2023