ICT Day – 5 September – Driving sustainble outcomes from your ICT vendors

This conference took place 5th September 2023.

Automate due diligence on large volumes of suppliers across
all categories of ESG with verified, credible data you can trust

ESG due diligence on suppliers is of key importance to
organizations. Customers, investors, and regulators are demanding greater
transparency and accountability from companies regarding their social and
environmental impact. Suppliers play a critical role in a company’s ESG
performance, as they are often responsible for producing the goods and services
that a company sells.

Smart technology, such as AI & Data Models, can help
businesses conduct supplier due diligence more efficiently and effectively.
Businesses can quickly analyze large volumes of data to make informed decisions
about their suppliers, reduce supply chain risk, and enhance their ESG

Frances Aitkins, CEO, Givvable


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Date Entered 05/09/2023