Improving Supplier Performance 1 – Building SLAs (VIRTUAL)

Round table held on 20 October 2020

About this Session:

As we set about managing the economic consequences of the pandemic, suppliers will inevitably be asked to do more.

Not just deliver more, improve quality and reduce price, but also ensure safety, guarantee compliance & manage supply chains.

Increasing supplier performance across a wider range of factors demands more intricate agreements and better definitions of success; in terms of service level agreements (SLAs) and agreed key performance indicators (KPIs)

These twin sessions covering firstly SLAs and secondly KPIs leverage off the recent discussions at PASA CONNECT about SRM’s enhanced role through the crisis, as well as the issue of supplier performance management (SPM) – these sessions are available through the PASA CONNECT archive in the Member Resource Centre.

Building SLAs includes drafting performance standards and relating them to the key contractual deliverables in major service contracts and aligning them to core business needs.

Done well, SLAs can help buyers design and execute a performance management regime that allows the contract manager to sustain a provider’s quality levels and even targeted performance improvements.

They can also help you manage variations and revisions to the agreement and ensure that the contract management plan adapts to any changes in the contract and help manage RISK – all within different contractual frameworks.

Your facilitator

Ben Shute FCIPS is the managing director of Comprara, a leading Australian procurement solutions provider who deliver services, tools, training and technologies to organisations, and is headquartered in Melbourne.


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Date Entered 26/10/2020