IT & ICT Round Table- Melbourne (RT2) 25.11.16

PASA Connect IT & ICT Round Table- Melbourne (RT2) 25.11.16

In this meeting members discuss the nature of Procurement activities within the IT & Telco space, then they examine the current market and IT Management Systems available & utilised by each member.

Lastly they discuss the challenges around procuring IT & ICT systems or services.


Shane Davis-PACCAR

Kala Paramanathan-Pacific National

Katrina Jewel-Crown Resorts

Alan Moxon- APA

Santo Zurzolo–ME Bank.


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Keywords Flexerra, IT Asset Management and contract management modules, keep track of all licences and agreements in use, Kelly Services, Master Services Agreements, outsourcing of certain IT functions, Zycus
Category IT / ICT
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Date Entered 23/11/2017