IT & ICT Round Table -Melbourne (RT6) 4.8.17

PASA Connect  IT & ICT Round Table- Melbourne (RT6) 4.8.17

This session explores the Procurement and Management of ICT in various forms such as Print, hardware, file storage and cloud services etc. 


Santo Zurzolo- ME Bank

Jack Buchler- Whole of Victorian Government Technology Procurement Group

Jewel Katrina -Crown Convention Centre

Violetta Miloi-De Zylva  -Fulton Hogan 

David Spektor  -Fulton Hogan

Alan Moxon -APA Group


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Keywords Cloud services, File Storage, Hardware, Print Management, State Purchase Contracts, TV’s/ Panels and Screens, Vendor Management
Category IT / ICT
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Type Minutes
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Date Entered 30/08/2017