Managing Supplier Risks – Part 2: Part 2: Risk analysis by category and supplier (VIRTUAL)

Session held 6th October 2021

About this session

Since the pandemic hit, procurement teams in New Zealand and Australia, at the very tip of the global supply chain, have been quickly refocussed on supply side RISK.

Many have been asked to rebalance the cost v risk equation on vital supply lines and explore strategies that both mitigate security of supply and optimise cost.

In two short PASA CONNECT sessions, procurement & supply expert Craig Johnstone will lead the group through the details of both supplier segmentation & inbound supply chain risk assessment process.

Inbound supply chain risk management is now an important issue on all critical supply lines for every executive team and by default, every procurement managers annual performance objectives.

In this PASA Connect roundtable discussion, learn how to undertake a risk profiling exercise for your main areas of business expenditure and associated suppliers.

Gain an understanding of what business and market intelligence is required to help you carry out an objective assessment that aligns supply chain dynamics and spend profiles with your business' key strategic objectives and product and service offerings.

Finally, learn what both an example KPI performance dashboard and a BCP approach could look like for tracking procurement supply chain risk management performance and addressing high risk areas identified through the analysis.

Your expert presenter 

Craig Johnstone MCIPS is a freelance contractor and capability development consultant based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has a rich background in procurement delivery and advisory work, and has been a key employee at both the highly regarded QP Group and Positive Purchasing in the UK.

He has also worked in senior procurement positions at both Fonterra and Watercare in NZ, and represented CIPS in New Zealand.


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Category Risk management, Supplier Relation & Stakeholder Management
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Date Entered 07/10/2021