Managing your fleet out of crisis (VIRTUAL)

Round table session held on 11th March 2021

About this session

During the Covid-19 crisis some fleets were working flat out, others almost mothballed.

• For idle fleets, leases were often suspended and insurance premiums cut by 15% or more.

• For busy supply-chain fleets, fuel prices hit 20 year lows – with 91Ron petrol under $1 per litre for a time.

Yet these headlines can distract from six new fundamental questions about your fleet category strategy moving forward:

1. How will the effects of Covid-19 impact your category strategy both now and later?

2. Will replacement programming need to change now - with sales/purchases delayed or brought forward?

3. Will staff remote-working impact your fleet and its needs?

4. And help the environment more, or less?

5. And are more drivers using their own vehicles in preference to pool/share vehicles to build your GREY fleet unwittingly?

6. So, given this, what fleet policy changes are you implementing post Covid-19

Share your fleet thinking, action plans and best practices with your fleet category colleagues at this PASA online Roundtable hosted by fleet expert Quenten Shepherd and take the chance to learn from how your peers are tackling similar challenges.

Your expert facilitator

Quenten Shepherd has been a fleet Manager for 20 years – originally with Centacare Employment, today with Archdiocese Of Brisbane he manages 4 separate and uniquely challenging fleets and advises on Grey fleet management within the organisation.


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