Mitigating Risk through Effective Risk Registers and Other Risk Management Tools

This session took place on 19th July 2023.

This session will address:

•             The difference between risk allocation and risk mitigation

•             Basing risk decisions on whether the deal is for results or resources

•             The value of a shared risk register – sharing the register but not the risks

•             Drawing the risk tower and integrating insurance solutions

•             Risk Registers, Project Plans, Gantt Charts and other tools

•             And more…

Your expert presenter: 

Jim Bergman - CEO – Commercial Officers Group

Jim is former Board member and Senior VP for IACCM in this region and is a deeply experienced commercial contracts attorney for Amaco and a procurement and supply chain management professional, who brings his experience as a category management and strategic sourcing leader with extensive international training and consulting experience in supply chain management across the USA and UK, Europe, China, India, SE Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia. 

He has experience working in both the public and private sectors on a wide range of direct and indirect spend categories and has a broad knowledge of numerous aspects of service, goods, and technology supply chains – including in to and throughout Australia. Jim is the founder of the US based ‘Commercial Officers Group’ a global advisory and training organisation. 


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Date Entered 19/07/2023