Negotiating Mutual Value Round Table-Sydney 26.04.18

PASA Connect Negotiating Mutual Value-Sydney 26.04.18

In this special interest Round Table meeting members commence by discussing the importance of targeted preparation for negotiation and strategies for clarity when determining what the objective of the negotiation is.

Members then examine the following different sources of negotiation power that exists within a relationship, highlighting specific categories such as:  Needs, Worries, Time and Alternatives.

The group then discuss negotiation as a process with key phases of: preparation, exploration, proposing and closing.

Lastly members conduct a discussion around negotiating differently with various stakeholders and outline scenarios which involved challenging situations.


Matt Lohmeyer - Negotiation Partners, Ian Rudgley-City of Sydney Council, Greg Rose-Endeavour Energy, Stefano Ferrarini-City of Sydney Council, Jyoti Thakur-Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd


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Date Entered 04/05/2018