Public Speaking Skills for Professional Conferences – present in the TedX way with strong content, confidence & charisma

This session took place 28th June 2023.

Thirty minutes is a very short time on stage, if you have much to contribute, you are well prepared and passionate to share.

Equally, 30 minutes on stage (or even online) can be an eternity if you are ill-prepared, lack confidence, have a weak narrative and your nerves betray all of this. Also, if you commit any of the TOP TEN SINS of public speaking!

Yet with the right mindset, the right training and the right preparation speaking publicly can quickly become a strength and help you enjoy sharing your story and reaping the real benefits.

In this complimentary online workshop with PASA, you will learn a simple and modern approach to public speaking that is perfect for PASA Conferences and your work presentations.

Your expert presenter: 

Tom Hendrick - Talent Academy in Adelaide (and online)

Professional public speaking coaches and TEDx curators.


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Category Leadership, Personal & Team Development
Type Presentations, Virtual Round-table Recording
Date Entered 27/06/2023