REVERSE AUCTIONS – Why they’re making a comeback and how best to use them (VIRTUAL Round-table conducted on 13th March 2020)

What’s the difference between an E Auction and a Reverse Auction online?

Reverse auctions seem to be making a comeback, but why?  Why did they go out of fashion in the first place?  What is there to be wary of?

When should you use each option, and when not? How do you use each option exactly?

Expert Contributor

Ben Shute FCIPS is the managing director of PURCHASING INDEX, a leading Australian procurement spend analysis, analytics & e auction provider headquartered in Melbourne, and Comprara.
(Apologies for missing the first ten minutes of recording. Recording picks up after introductions and Ben's short explanation of what a reverse or e-auction is -  Nigel W)


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Category Digitialization,Data & Analytics
Type Virtual Round-table Recording
Date Entered 14/03/2020