“Should cost modelling” – the perfect antidote to inflationary price rises?

Session held on 6th September 2022

With inflation raging in ANZ and overseas, buyers are looking for tangible ways to combat price increase requests by pressured suppliers.

'Should Cost' modelling is making a sudden come-back into the procurement toolbox - what should the goods & services you are buying really cost?

How can you work that out before the negotiation? Are there ready templates you can use? Handy sources for the commodity data? Where do you start?

Your expert presenter

Simon Thompson is managing director of Acquire Insights, a Brisbane based procurement consultancy & technology company.

He has a rich background in procurement at BHP Billiton, Ariba and Infosys-Portland, before he started Acquire

Additional resource used in session can be found here: monte-carlo should cost analysis for miners


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