SRM as a strategy for the immediate future and longer (VIRTUAL)

Session held 6th April 2022

About this session

Change is inevitable. The rate of change is increasing. Change can either happen to us or it can happen with us. In many instances, we can’t control change, but we can control who we go through change with, by strategically selecting our supplier partners. Supplier Relationship Management can be used as a strategy to navigate the increased pace of change and the ways in which we can navigate change together. More than ever before, the need to partner with suppliers who understand our businesses and share common goals is what can drive competitive advantage. With recent emphasis on lowest cost and short-term wins, long term relationship principles which may be less common but are those which deliver long-term, sustainable benefit.

During our conversation we will cover topics at the heart of modern Procurement and Supplier Management:

• Is there more risk in not changing?

• What are other businesses doing to navigate the waves of change?

• How can my business apply some of these learnings and partner with suppliers for the long-term?

Your expert facilitators:

Frank Lai is a management consultant with expertise in supplier management, sustainable procurement, risk management, cost optimisation and data analytics. He is experienced in supply chain and procurement across a number of industries, and has an excellent track record of delivering positive strategic outcomes for clients. With extensive overseas experience in supplier management, contract negotiation and procurement, Frank is results oriented with demonstrated ability to vigorously assess, analyse and provide optimum solution to pressing challenges. He holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne, investigating the application of financial risk management techniques to assess and evaluate uncertainties, and has also been delivering lectures in the Faculty of Business and Economics, and Melbourne School of Engineering.

Dan is a consultant and work stream lead who has 14 years’ experience across the Supply Chain and Logistics industry. Working with and alongside many of Australasia’s largest supply chain organisations has led to a deep understanding of stakeholder relationships. He has spent the majority of his career in leadership positions facing both internal and external stakeholders. This broad experience has influenced Dan’s ability to work effectively alongside a broad array of client organisations and departments to bring about meaningful change. Dan has experience across a range of functional areas including, Procurement, Commercial, Business Development, Account Management and Analytics.

Dan holds a Master of Business Administration from Deakin Business School with a specialisation in Business Consulting.


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