Stakeholder Mapping and Management (VIRTUAL)

Session held 9th March 2022

About this session

Stakeholder relations has been a top three issue for procurement in most of the research for the last 15 years or so, yet, with a professional approach to the problem, much can be achieved.

This session will explain the tenants of stakeholder management and how to map your stakeholder groups and their needs.

It will also use the health sector as a case study given clinicians are amongst the most demanding stakeholder groups.

The subsequent Roundtable discussion will allow comparison of different approaches in different industries, offering key takeaways for the group to consider in their organisations.

Your expert presenter

Tracey Shearer is the former CPO of Queensland Health, and previously Uniting Care (QLD).

She now runs August Consulting who specialise in both a strategic and hands-on approach to procurement mostly in the health sector.


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Category Supplier Relation & Stakeholder Management
Type Presentations, Virtual Round-table Recording
Date Entered 10/03/2022