Supplier Onboarding Round Table-Brisbane 08.12.17

PASA Connect Supplier Onboarding Round Table-Brisbane 08.12.17

In this first Round table meeting members commenced by outlining what their organisations are currently doing for the Onboarding of suppliers and then discussed in detail the following key areas:

  • Commercial aspects 
  • Credit applications 
  • Early contract involvement
  • Terms and Conditions (T&C)
  • Onboard compliance / risk assessment
  • Checklist on suppliers 
  • Corporate social responsibility 


Rochelle Williams -BOQ

Christi Chapman -BOQ

Teira Dillon -BOQ

Julie Miers -Asqseptance Group, 

Rosaline Davis -Asqseptance Group

Michael Greenhill -Queensland Urban Utilities

Nigel -PASA


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Date Entered 15/12/2017