Supplier Onboarding Round Table-Melbourne 28.09.17

PASA Connect Supplier Onboarding Round Table-Melbourne 28.09.17

In this informative session members outline a board scope of questions in relation to the Supplier Onboarding process such as:

  • What are the varying organisational approaches to Supplier Onboarding?
  • What tools or templates are members using to drive successful Supplier Onboarding?
  • How do ‘lag times’ affect Supplier Onboarding?
  • How do we determine what impedes certain Suppliers in the Onboarding process which results in the lag time?
  • How much do we need to know about our vendor, what aspects are critical to manage risk effectively through the Onboarding process? 
  • What vetting or approval is required through the Supplier Onboarding process to ensure the prospective vendor is compliant with laws, regulations and your corporate standards?
  • How can a tight, controlled supply chain be maintained when constant new supplier requests are submitted from the wider business?
  • Supplier engagement verses portal utilisation for Onboarding?


Jack Buchler -Whole of Victorian Government Technology Procurement

Jacqueline Thomas-Philip Morris Ltd

Josh Laker-Crown Convention Centre

Ben Buratto-Qenos

Ramon Dobb- Fulton Hogan

Radha Sreeram, ACI Glass Packaging


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Date Entered 06/10/2017