Supplier Performance and Relationship Management

Round-table Overview

How do you measure a supplier’s performance? How do you collect the data? What are you truly trying to achieve – compliance? Improved performance? Greater contribution? What does success look like? 

For suppliers achieving less than you might want, how do you structure supplier performance management?  What tools can you use? 

  • How does this fit with Strategic Supplier Relationship Management?
  • Do you have a formal process for managing supplier performance?
  • How do you develop effective KPI’s?
  • Who should be monitoring/measuring performance against KPI’s – Procurement or Stakeholders?
  • The carrot or the stick – which is more effective?
  • What sort of incentives are participants using?
  • What sort of penalties are participants using?
  • When do you walk away?
  • What tools do you use to help measure supplier performance?

Expert Contributor

Peter Macfarlane.  Peter is Managing Director of Grosvenor Procurement Advisory. He is a frequent facilitator for PASA Connect and often attracts some of the highest feedback ratings throughout the PASA network.

Example SRM Profiling Frameworks

During the round-table Peter shared slides of various SRM categorisation frameworks.  You can download the slides here

Peter has also added a slide with the links to the studies mentioned – 2016 & 2017 (plus some other useful stuff). You will need to include your details (including email) to download the studies. 

If you prefer Peter has offered to send a copy directly.  Please email him if this is your preference. 


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