Supplier Performance Management Round Table-Sydney 12.04.18

 PASA Connect Supplier Performance Management Round Table-Sydney 12.04.18

In this Expert-fed facilitated round table meeting members address the following fundamental aspects of Supplier Performance Management:

  • Performance Management – Relationship Management 
  • Existing Suppliers – Potential Suppliers
  • Contract Management – Supplier Relationship Management 
  • Business led – procurement team
  • Common Risks
  • Supplier outlook
  • Open communication 
  • Obtaining feedback 
  • Changes in the performance


Stefan Gassner – Grosvenor Management Consulting

Stefano Ferrarini – City of Sydney

Linda Bottaro – City of Sydney

Sophie Herblot – Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd

Ruth Abrams – Evolution Mining

Lisa Luxton – Pacific National

Thomas Chui – Evolution Mining

Mrinal Wani – Endeavour Energy



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