Supplier Relationship Management Round Table-Brisbane 1.2.18

PASA Connect Supplier Relationship Management Round Table-Brisbane 1.2.18

In this first round table meeting detailed introductions were made and a table was drafted depicting  the implementation and up take of SRM Strategies for each member.

The group then outlined and defined SRM, followed by a discussion of three common challenges identified with Supplier Relationship Management, as seen below, which they then provided solutions for:

  • Techniques/tips for how to successfully negotiate positive outcomes for all parties when discussions become difficult or stalled.
  • Partnering effectively with Strategic Suppliers to get measurable additional value and innovation.
  • Managing the conflicting priorities and expectations of other internal stakeholders

Lastly members reviewed and discussed The “Kraljic Matrix" ,which can be viewed embedded within the minutes.


Jonathan Bent-Bank of Queensland (BOQ)

Diana Stewart-Endeavour Foundation

Emma Glen–Endeavour Foundation

Julie Miers–Aqseptence Group

Rosaline Davis–Aqseptence Group

Amanda Robinson-Ilka-Queensland Urban Utilities

Susan Brockwell-Queensland Urban Utilities

Leigh Cavanagh-Incitec Pivot  


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