Supplier Relationship Management Round Table- Sydney (RT2) 23.02.17

PASA Connect Supplier Relationship Management (RT2) Sydney 23.02.17

In this session the group of members discuss the following key areas of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) : defining SRM, different Systems used to manage suppliers, identifying suppliers, and the value and benefit of SRM.

Finally they covered these two fundamental questions in relation to SRM: 

  • How can we improve Stakeholder engagement and collaboration?
  • How do you measure performance to feed SRM?


Steve Neale- Sydney trains 

Liz Laffan- City of Sydney

Tony Killian-Harvey Norman

Chris Snagg- Harvey Norman

Mrinal Wani- Endeavour Energy

Krishna Mohan- Mirvac 

Andrew Hogben- Mirvac


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Date Entered 13/09/2017