Supply Chain Management from 1st Principles

Round-table session held on 17th June 2020

About the Session

Understanding your supply chains – from 1st principles to COVID-19 (VIRTUAL)
Many procurement managers are re-assessing their inbound supply chains post-Covid-19 – which are essential and perhaps need to be restructured in some way to be fully secure?
Which are non-essential and perhaps need pausing or re-negotiating?
Yet “supply chain management” is a whole new subject in itself. Take the chance to learn all about SCM and how it works – its drivers, dynamics, key terms, KPIs and core trends and issues.
Join the head of supply chain practice at Infosys-Portland, Simon Coates, to learn all you need to know as quickly & easily as possible – and then ask everything you ever wanted to truly know about SCM.
When you know how SUPPLY CHAINS should work, you can better reassess and redesign them to fit your new sourcing strategy much more easily.

Your facilitator :

Simon Coates leads the supply chain management business at Infosys-Portland and consults to a wide range of Australian based businesses at the highest levels
Brendan Comas leads the Infosys-Portland procurement practice in Melbourne


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