TENDER EVALUATION 1 – The modern essentials for evaluation tenders and proposals

Session held 27th October

More than ever, procurement led decisions are under scrutiny – meaning more rigour and more science in the decision process is increasingly necessary to make more defendable choices that ensure optimum compliance to both laws and corporate policy.

Importantly, the start point for solid evaluation is three things:

1. Have you decided upon your NEEDS v your WANTS and what is essential to buy v nice-to-have? And what other policy aims might you achieve?

2. And selected the key decision criteria and weighted their importance relative to your business case?

3. Are you comparing every vendor proposal to an absolute standard – or comparatively to each other?

Your expert facilitator:

John is the director and founder of JNT Consulting, a management consulting firm that helps procurement organisations to bring real value through innovative procurement approaches and advanced analytics. John is the only certified person in Australia by the Simplar Institute (an ASU entity and creator of BVPM model) for the Best-Value Procurement Model and he was the first to bring this model to Australia. John has extensive experience in running advanced procurement for major and complex projects with high profile and recent within the Victorian Government using the Best Value Procurement Model.



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Date Entered 27/10/2022