Tender evaluation 2 – Modern best practice and innovation (VIRTUAL)

Session Held on 31st August 2021

About this session

Long term research by Arizona State University (ASU) in the US, who have an excellent international reputation in the procurement field, suggests that the primary reason the projects can “blow-out” is not poor process, bad contracts RFTs, sloppy suppliers, bad business cases or inaccurate specs. Actually it is humans. It is about their capability; and how a lack of capability can bring the poor communication, bad change management and the ‘conspiracy of optimism’ amongst project work groups.

The trick becomes, how can we actually attract expert suppliers to compete on our projects and really make it easy for clients to identify and evaluate expertise which is yet people CAPABILITY is not something that we really measure or evaluate well in traditional RFT processesresponses. The research suggests this is the key. This session will present “The Best-Value Procurement Model” which has now been rigorously tested by Arizona State University in delivering over 3,000 projects and has been adapted to bring exponential improvement to procurement driven project outcomes – including case studies from the BIG BUILD going on in Victoria right now https://bigbuild.vic.gov.au/

Your expert facilitator:

John is the director and founder of JNT Consulting, a management consulting firm that helps procurement organisations to bring real value through innovative procurement approaches and advanced analytics. John is the only certified person in Australia by the Simplar Institute (an ASU entity and creator of BVPM model) for the Best-Value Procurement Model and he was the first to bring this model to Australia. John has extensive experience in running advanced procurement for major and complex projects with high profile and recent within the Victorian Government using the Best Value Procurement Model. https://jntconsulting.com.au/bvp/


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Date Entered 01/09/2021