The art and science of Benefits Tracking

Round table session held on 23 September 2020

About this session

There are a number of key pillars to any cost reduction programme, and to ensuring the value delivered by Procurement teams is captured. One of those key pillars is Benefits Tracking. So much great work can be done by Procurement teams in terms of finding and delivering value for their organisations, but without the right tools to capture initiatives, track their progress, identify risks and report value effectively to senior stakeholders, the risk is that the value is never seen, or worse, never delivered.

This round table is designed for Procurement professionals who need to keep control of their value-delivering initiatives, and have a neat and efficient way of reporting their progress to executives and interested stakeholders. We will talk through and discuss:

• The challenges facing Procurement teams of keeping control of their cost reduction programmes, and how resource can get sucked into managing the process itself rather than actually delivering benefits

• The methodologies of cost reduction (value levers and types of benefits – and the importance of each)

• How to effectively track initiatives – i.e. the value of a simple Benefits Tracking tool

• The benefits of keeping executives and other stakeholders informed through effective self-service dashboards showing progress and value delivery

In this pragmatic, 1 ½ hour round-table (including questions), our experienced consultants will facilitate a discussion on these topics. Through sharing common issues, discussing the pitfalls and providing a walkthrough of some simple solutions, this session will give some practical advice for Procurement professionals on how to elevate their value delivery and prove this to executive sponsors.

Your facilitators 

This round-table will be facilitated by Peter Melville, GM of Procurement Transformation at Pareto Toolbox. Peter brings a decade and a half of experience across multiple industries in New Zealand, the UK and Germany. He is a strategic thinker with a strong track record of delivering value from client and partner relationships with strong revenue and margin growth. Peter has been responsible for delivering multiple problem-solving initiatives across the finance, utility, telco and energy industries. In all roles he has delivered bottom line value for his organisation.

Joining Peter will be Rory Clarke, Digital Tools Lead at Pareto Toolbox. Rory has many years’ experience of solving problems through data analytics and building problem-solving digital tools using the Microsoft suite of products. He has work across a number of sectors and clients providing pragmatic solutions to acute problems which accelerates benefits delivery and supports excellence in Procurement.

Pareto Toolbox is a boutique procurement and transformation consultancy that is well known and well established in New Zealand. Led by Ross Darah, the Pareto team of around a dozen people are all dedicated consultants expert in different aspects of management consultancy to help you transform your business to unlock and create lasting value.


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Date Entered 23/09/2020