Unlocking procurement value through data and analytics – A Ministry of Education NZ Case Study

This session was held 1st December 2022.

The Ministry of Education New Zealand’s need for a unified and strategic response to the Covid-19 pandemic provided a key driver for the development of a Data Intelligence tool using Microsoft Power BI to connect and gain insights using multiple key sources of data.  Working with Pareto Toolbox we have been able to take our learnings from the Covid period, coupled with our organisational and government vision and strategy to bring to life data and provide fast, accurate answers to some of our (and many other organisations) biggest questions and strategic procurement ‘must haves’ including:

1.            Real time visibility of where and to who our money is going to better understand and manage risk across our organisation

2.            Work better together with our business partners and suppliers to reduce silos and duplication of effort

3.            Unlocking value – making the most out of our budgets and performance of our supply contracts

4.            Measuring progress on our social and broader outcome objectives – enabling our organisation to work differently and measure our success in working closer and actioning change with our Māori and Pacific suppliers to general social, economic and cultural benefits through our procurements.

Your expert presenters

Angela Williams, Commercial Manager, Ministry of Education NZ & Nick Freeman, Business Intelligence Specialist, Pareto Toolbox


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Date Entered 01/12/2022