Waste Management and Recycling

Round-table held on 28th May 2020

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About the Round-table

A well-attended recent PASA CONNECT virtual Roundtable addressed the state of the art in the waste category for procurement managers was facilitated by Mick Pearsall from Supply Clusters on 28th May. Supply Clusters buy waste on behalf of over 50 clients. Of course, all waste issues are indelibly surrounded by sustainable procurement questions as well as waste-supplier demands; ever more so since the arrival of Covid-19. For instance, how do we best dispose of used personal protective equipment (PPE) and consumables?

Waste is increasingly becoming a very complicated category - one you cannot BUY well until you have a clear waste strategy first.

Some waste is free to dispose of, yet other waste is very expensive to remove, manage or dispose of.  Some waste disposal is regulated and some not. And, some jurisdictions have different solutions to others.

A key first point was perhaps the most telling – that the perfect waste management company does not exist; they all have strengths and weaknesses which make it more likely than not, that most buyers will need more than a single waste management supplier to meet their wider waste needs. Further, the top 6 issues in the waste category currently faces were identified: And a wide range of options and solutions were considered by the group, both mandatory and optional and geographically.

One critical element was the link between sustainable procurement policies, waste management strategy and, even, circular economy sourcing aims.



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