What are eMarketplaces, and can they be a handy short-cut for busy buyers?

Session held on 19th May 2021

About this session

The evolving landscape of platforms and marketplaces for B2B services includes many different platforms nowadays. 

Today, these include virtual eMarketplaces – BUT what are they, how do they work and what are the advantages? 

Moreover, why have shortlisting and matching platforms emerged so quickly? What GAP are they really filling in the procurement journey?

Who are they key players? Or will Amazon ultimately swallow the whole market? And what is the downside of participating?

Joining industry award-winner and eMarketplace innovator Sharon Melamed will be two other eMarketplace CEOs: Justin Falk, Founder and CEO of Talentvine and John Groake, Senior Partner at Find A Consultant.

Your expert presenter

Sharon Melamed is the founder and managing director of Matchboard, a leading B2B eMarketplace based in Sydney.

She is also the former Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 (Women in ICT Awards).



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