What buyers get wrong with tendering – from the suppliers’ PoV

Session held on 15th June 2022

About this session

What do suppliers REALLY think about competitive tendering processes? Truly?

What do procurement teams do (or not do) – perhaps even unwittingly – that lead to poorer RFx documents, suboptimal tendering processes and lukewarm tenders and proposals?

How can the other side of the negotiating table contribute to procurement best practice?

Tune in to this session for their 6 GREAT TIPS on improving competitive sourcing outcomes - directly from your vendors!

Your expert facilitator

Dave Lunn MCIPS has had a long career in procurement at several leading resources companies and was the inaugural Chair of the CIPS committee in WA.

David Lunn is a former RAAF officer, procurement manager and trainer. In 2008 he co-founded BIDWRITE, Australia’s largest permanently staffed tender and proposal management consultancy.

Previously Dave has worked for Alcoa, Woodside and was the founding Chair of the CIPS WA region.


Subsequently, he co-founded BIDWRITE, advising vendors how to pitch better and compile winning bids www.bidwrite.com.au


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Date Entered 16/06/2022