PASA Connect Outcome- Based Contracting -Sydney (RT1) 16.11.17

In this first Round Table session members outline the fundamental questions around Outcome-based Contracting, such as :

  • What is Outcome- based procurement?
  • Challenges of Outcome-based Procurement
  • How do we remove unnecessary constraints and allow the supplier to lead the way?
  • How do we measure the KPI’s and SLA’s for Outcome-based Contracting? 
  • What incentives are there for the suppliers to do well?
  • Is there a heavy data burden with Outcomes-based contracting?
  • How are KPI’s and SLA’s reviewed with internal stakeholders at the business review?
  • Under what circumstances would Outcome- based procurement not work?


Gary Koh- Endeavour Energy

Stefanie Makaroff-City of Sydney Council

Bryan Peng-Transport for NSW

Maryam Rahimi-Transport for NSW

Maritza Filmer-Sankey-Cochlear Ltd

Chris Smith-ISS Facility Services

Robert Gagliano-Downer EDi Australia

Daniel Wallbank-Downer Edi Australia

Cherie Duarte ISS Facility Services

Greg Matthews, ISS Facility Services.