Session held on 30th November 2021

About this session

How to define and manage Conflict of Interest 

Stakeholders looking on to procurement often suspect more conflict of interest than is apparent. Certainly in public sector procurement, but increasingly in private sector work procurement too. 

But what is conflict of interest really in our online world today? And do you know it when you see it? 

Surely all stakeholders have a right to expect unbiased procurement on the road to delivering genuine value: 

Defining conflict of interest in the modern world 

Governance  – what do I need to accomplish to  minimise risk? And to manage perceptions? 

What are the market views; what do the suppliers think is acceptable -v- procurement side?

Take a walk through the Promitheia CoI form and the questions and dilemmas it poses.

Jody Rowe is both the CEO of Promitheia Procurement and also the principal of Rowe Advisory – a specialist procurement consultancy firm. She divides her time between Adelaide and Brisbane but runs offices both in Australia and the UK.