PASA Connect Supplier Performance Management -Melbourne 25.05.17

In this session the group discuss these fundamental questions:

  • What is the difference between Supplier Performance Management (SPM) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) 
  • Do you have a formal process for managing supplier performance?
  • Who should be monitoring/measuring performance against KPI’s – Procurement or Stakeholders?
  • How do you develop effective KPI’s?
  • The carrot or the stick – which is more effective?
  • What sort of incentives are participants using?  (incentive Supplier Performance)
  • What sort of penalties are participants using?
  • What tools do you use to help measure supplier performance?
  • When do you walk away?


Wayne Bingham & Daniel Mendes – Vicinity Centres

Katrina Jewel, Colin Horsburgh & Thomas Tuszynski – Crown

Simon Nelis – Viva Energy

Genny Rowlands & Nicole Lewis – Me Bank

Rey Reyes – Parmalat

Julien Thomazo – PMI

Sebastian Screaton – Fonterra

Andy Bee – Australian Unity