Session held on 16th March 2022

About this session

What is happening in the law and how is it affecting procurement practices – in a real-time way?

Join Scott Alden and his team for this 60-90 minute session every three months – which will be half webinar and half Q&A, and find out THREE key things:

• What new laws are coming into effect right now that might affect how procurement operate with suppliers

Including :

The new Forced Labour Bill – 23rd August introduction

The NSW Modern Slavery Amendments Bill – 14th October

Unfair Contract Terms Act changes – coming soon

• What recent CASE LAW decisions might impact directly and indirectly upon procurement practices, or have implications for how we work with suppliers?

• How are we implementing new solutions to recent laws that have come into effect, including regular updates on progress with:

Payment Times Reporting Act 2020 – new implementation guidance

Fed Govt Covid variations 2021-22 UPDATES

Modern Slavery Act 2018

Chain of Responsibility laws updates – nationally not just in NSW

Privacy Laws and regulations

Lock out law changes in NSW

When your in-house counsel is too busy to answer your questions, ask the HWLB team instead, and get a legal heads-up on what every PROCUREMENT PROFESSIONAL should

Your expert facilitator

Scott Alden is a lawyer of rich experience specialising in procurement, contract & construction law and is a partner at HWL Ebsworth lawyers in Sydney.

Previously, Scott has worked with Holding Redlich, DLA Piper and other top firms. He is also a part-time lecturer at the College of Law.