This CPO session was held 17 February 2023.

Your CPO priorities for 2023 – the new 2023 research from The Hackett Group ‘LIVE’ from Florida USA 

During November 2022, PASA promoted heavily the annual global CPO survey by The Hackett Group throughout in Australia and New Zealand  – specifically, to increase the data points from ANZ to compare directly our procurement priorities to CPOs in the rest of the world (especially in the US and UK) 

The Top 10 priorities facing CPOs changed dramatically between 2021 and 2022 – these results were explained at the August 2022 CPO EXCHANGE event and again at a subsequent CPO Roundtable.

This session, so early in 2023, will put the PASA CONNECT CPOs amongst the very first in the world to see the results of the 2023 THG research – also offering a direct comparison between ANZ v RoW priorities. 

Your expert Presenter :
Chris Sawchuk is the global lead of the procurement practice at The Hackett Group, a global advisory firm specialising in procurement and finance.
He is also frequently marked as a Top Ten global thought leader in procurement. Based in Tampa, Florida USA, Chris will present live through ZOOM and answer questions directly from our PASA CONNECT CPOs.
Both Chris and The Hackett Group are content partners with PASA and frequent contributors to the weekly e-news service from PASA as well as appearing LIVE at both
this private online PASA CONNECT CPO RoundTable and the annual CPO EXCHANGE event on the Gold Coast each August.