Round-table run on 22nd April 2020

About the Round-table

We started by examining briefly the nature of the crisis and how most organisations are exposed to supplier risk during such a crisis. The conversation then moved on to mapping our supply chains, identifying our high risk suppliers, and how we effectively apply our resources?

We examined what ‘best-practice’ supplier management should look like. How do we become a customer of choice and why does it matter? How do we develop joint activity plans with our key suppliers ? What are the key elements of such plans?

The focus then moved on to how we apply these in the current crisis, addressing such questions as how we maintain and support our supply base through the crisis, how we deal with situations where suppliers are unable to meet contractual requirements, and whether now is a good time to be conducting sourcing exercises (the consensus was generally ‘no’, due to the huge amount of uncertainty in the market), and what the post-Covid 19 world might look like. 

Expert Facilitator

Kate Nicholl Skattäng is managing director of State of Flux (Australia) a procurement consulting firm that specialises in SRM, with offices in Melbourne, Auckland and London. Kate has a rich history in procurement for muti-nationals and in consulting. Kate also lectures in supply chain management at the University of Melbourne and is currently undertaking a PhD on modern slavery in supply chains at Swinburne University.