PASA Connect Marketing Round Table- Melbourne (RT1) 17.10.17

In this first round table meeting ,members cover the fundamental aspects of procuring marketing services such as: 

  • How do we define the Marketing Services Category? What are we including? 
  • What are the principal challenges in managing marketing services?
  • Where are the opportunities to drive greater value from the Marketing Category?
  • Value of data 
  • Where do we obtain market intelligence/benchmarking for the category
  • How can we best use the following spend levers to extract savings or deliver greater value?
  • Stakeholder management
  • Supplier management 


Melissa Bihun-ME Bank

Natalie Lambrou-Michaelides-Philip Morris Ltd

Debra Birznieks-Regis Aged Care

Helen Tsiligiris-Regis Aged Care

Steve Won -GM Holden

Thomas Tuszynski -Crown Convention Centre