Session held on 27th September 2022

The benefits of e-invoicing and why 2022 is the best time to embrace it

Like most office workers, how procurement work changed much during the COVID pandemic over the last 18 months – working from home has also accelerated our march towards the paperless office.

So – why do we still often insist on paper invoices?  Should they not all be electronic now too? And that means real-time EDI electronic invoices, not just suppliers e-mailing in their invoices!

There are over 174,000 Aussie organisations using the Peppol eInvoicing network. Tune in to hear the ATO task force explain all things Peppol eInvoicing, including:

– Pros and cons:

–  What is e invoicing exactly, how does it work in practice and what are the benefits?

– Find out how easy it is to …

–  Get started quickly and incorporate eInvoicing into all P2P systems to begin your eInvoicing journey

Your expert facilitator
Jarrod Wellings – eInvoicing Solutions and Accreditation Lead, Australian Taxation Office
Jarrod is the eInvoicing Solutions and Accreditation Lead, Australian Taxation Office and is responsible for the eInvoicing-Ready framework and the accreditation process for eInvoicing solutions. He is passionate about informing and supporting digital transformation within the Australian government and business community having worked with business and software developers on Single Touch Payroll.
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