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About the Round-table

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many enterprises to change the way they do business and the environment we all operate in. To continue to be successful in overcoming the challenges we are facing, we need to be aware of the constraints in our own thinking and learn how to think without those constraints. This round-table is designed for all leaders who are looking to find tried and tested techniques to solve business problems and learn about:

  • Constrained and unconstrained thinking
  • Techniques to identify and articulate root causes of problems
  • Design principles for problem solving
  • Bringing together multiple tools to tackle large problems

In this pragmatic round-table, our facilitator will help you understand constrained thinking and demonstrate techniques to ‘remove the blinkers’ to enable you to apply them to real-life business problems.

Your facilitator

This round-table was facilitated by Peter Melville, Transformation Specialist, at Pareto Toolbox. Peter brings a decade and a half of experience across multiple industries in New Zealand, the UK and Germany. He is a strategic thinker with a strong track record of delivering value from client and partner relationships with strong revenue and margin growth. Peter has been responsible for delivering multiple problem-solving initiatives across the finance, utility, telco and energy industries. In all roles he has delivered bottom line value for his organisation