Session held on 28th January 2021

About this session

sustainable procurement and economic recovery mutually exclusive or
interdependent strategies?

For all the promise
of “Procurement on Purpose” in recent years, Social and Indigenous
Procurement policies and frameworks, ISO20400 Guidelines for Sustainable
Procurement and the Modern Slavery Act, the demands being made of many
procurement professionals today, are somewhat less inspiring. As Australia
enters its first recession in almost three decades and our business and
political leaders put economic recovery at the top of every agenda, does
Procurement still have a mandate for anything other than cost savings?

This round table
session will use the business case for supply chain visibility to help participants
reconcile the demands of Modern Slavery Act (MSA) compliance and re-engineering
supply chains in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. A short presentation will
update everyone on the recent MSA compliance extension and current approaches,
then address both strategic and tactical responses… all set into the context of
participant’s issues.

expert facilitator

Matt Perfect has a long
background in and around professional procurement, working from different
perspectives as practitioner and consultant at Ariba, NAB, Toll Group and The
Faculty. He now works for himself as principal at IMPACT SPENDER – helping
others harness corporate spend for positive impact