PASA Connect CPO Round table Melbourne 31.01.18

In this first CPO round table for 2018 in Melbourne, Jonathan Dutton -PASA gives a brief update detailing upcoming scheduled sessions for PASA Connect Melbourne members, as well as the launch of the new App “PASA Connect Australasia”.

More generic procurement topics and issues were then discussed by members in this meeting such as:

  • Where are we heading as a Procurement function? 
  • How are you as a procurement leader/professional relevant to your business?

Followed by a ‘Biggest priorities in 2018’ discussion, outlining key relevant issues such as:

Operational excellence, future proofing, learning ‘new’ best practices, clear company strategy, competition in the future, how procurement process is measured, finding the right profile of the team, partnering with private or government parties within probity rules, automation, changes in the energy market, operating at a global level – indirect spend, talent in South East Asia and China, sustainable procurement, data analytics, restructuring, capability uplift, process improvement, agility, brand image of the team.

CPO’s then discuss what agile Procurement really is and lastly members address the risk-based approach and the sharing of risk-based matrices. 


Kala Paramanathan -Pacific National

Jonathan Dutton -PASA

Jaydeep Solanki -GM Holden

Debra Birznieks -Regis

Ben Briggs-Crown

Kylie Callander -Dept Of Premier & Cabinet

Ramon Dobb -Fulton Hogan

Gary Combes -Owens Illinois

Wayne Bingham -Vicinity Centres

Natalie Lambrou-Michaelides-PMI