Session held on 26th August 2021

About this session

Which is best for your needs today – an RFi, EoI, RFP, ITT or even just a prequalification form? A one-step procurement approach or a two-step market engagement – what is your acquisition strategy?

And, then, how do I write the perfect document, one that maximises market interest, but minimises risk to my organisation? Can I just edit a previous version maybe?

• Which approach to the market is appropriate on this occasion?

• What makes a good tender document and what makes a bad one?

• How to measure the success of your market approach?

Take a walk through a classic tender development process with Jody Rowe.

Your expert facilitator:

Jody Rowe is both the CEO of Promitheia Procurement and also the principal of Rowe Advisory – a specialist procurement consultancy firm. She divides her time between Adelaide and Brisbane but runs offices both in Australia and the UK.

Promitheia specialise in providing off-the-shelf procurement templates pre-designed for a wide range of typical best practice procurement processes – from small to large. Their online procurement processes website allows you to immediately download, customise and store template documents securely from as little as $100 each.