PASA Connect Future-Proof your Career Brisbane 21.02.18

In this expert led session facilitated by Sean Johnson – TROOCOO, members discuss the following range of questions :

  • What kind of roles are currently most in demand?
  • What skills, competencies and attributes are most in demand?
  • What roles are going to decline and which are going to grow?
  • What can you do to future proof your career?
  • What are the best tips for building a Procurement network and profile so we can increase our exposure to future career opportunities?
  • Job market and pays has there been a change?
  • What’s the best means of updating and developing our skills and competencies?  


Sean Johnson – TROOCOO

Ashleigh Ferguson- The University of Queensland

Tahlia Brown – The University of Queensland

Belinda Patience – Queensland Rail

Fernanda Garcia- Queensland Rail

Rosaline Davis- Aqseptence Group

Tina Wells-Aqseptence Group

Carolynn Eccles-Endeavour Foundation

Ben Thompson-Parmalat Australia

Christina Blanchard-Queensland Rail.