This session took place 14th September 2023.

Running larger tenders with many likely respondents is no procurement manager’s idea of fun! But there is much you can do to cut-down the sheer workload and the top 7 ways are simple and easy to implement even if some initially feel counter-intuitive.

It sounds like a procurement manager’s dream but evaluating large tenders can be done in a fraction of the time – weeks or even months faster – with incremental and systemic improvements in the RFT process. Eliminating non-compliance. Sorting sales guff from hard facts. Keeping people focused. Unlocking the data hidden within tenders. This ‘dream’ is much closer to reality than you think … Technology today makes it easier and faster for all involved. Yet there is much to be done to help yourselves first, manually!

What technology has also taught is that RFTs without PDFs, Word or Excel can, surprisingly, prove to be better, faster, and more secure …

Your presenter:

Rob Wade is the Director of, a small Canberra-based software firm specialising in innovative tendering – he is also the leader of a small team with deep experience helping procurement people running large tenders as well as responding to them himself as a supplier.