Round table held on 3rd September 2020

About this session

There was a broad discussion on all things procurement and marketing agency. After the Round-table, Darren Wooley, our expert contributor, shared a number of links to content relevant to the issues we discussed. They are listed here:

World Federation of Advertisers – Project Spring is a paper on the focus of marketing procurement to a value based proposition as a way of helping to drive growth

You can download this paper free here.  (this is the download available on Download Button on this page)

Here is our own take on the role of Procurement in unlocking marketing value from 2014

Also, here is some further reading on some of the topics we covered today.

Roster Management 

Zero Based Budgeting

Agency Tiers 

Digital Agencies versus Technology Agencies 

Our expert facilitator

Darren Wooley is the founder and CEO of agency selection experts Trinity P3 and is based mostly in Sydney. Considered the Mr Wolf of Marketing Communication, Darren Woolley has used his agency side background to solve performance problems for marketers and their agencies since 2000 and has been working closely with procurement managers for many years. He is also the former Board Chair of the Australian Marketing Institute.